This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients who need to help them sell an apartment or a house. The process is not complicated, if you put in the file all the necessary documents.

Notary fees are paid by the buyer and is calculated based on the value of the property, and the documents needed to successfully complete a real estate transaction from the position of seller.

  1. Deed of ownership of the immovable property 

The document certifying the right of ownership and the manner in which the immovable property was obtained is the deed of ownership. Regardless of how it is acquired, by sale-purchase contract, inheritance or donation contract, court decision, etc., without it the transaction cannot be made.

  1. Land book

extract The land book extract is the one that contains the information about the building, its surface, the deed of ownership, the notations related to the property, etc. All the information mentioned in this CF extract must be attested by documents.

  1. Proof of payment of tax

In order to sell real estate, the seller must present proof of payment of annual tax. The certificate is issued by the city hall institution where the building is registered.

  1. Certificate from the tenants’ association

It is necessary for the seller to present a certificate attesting that there are no debts of any kind to the tenants’ association, especially if he lives in a block of flats. Also, bills for electricity, gas, water, property management services, etc. must be paid. These are proof that there are no debts of any kind.

  1. Energy performance

certificate This certificate is issued only by a certified energy auditor. The list of authorized energy auditors can be consulted on the website of the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds.

  1. Identity card. When the situation requires it, the marriage certificate, the divorce certificate

At the notary, on the day of signing the sale-purchase transaction of the real estate, it is mandatory to present a valid identity card. Also, if it is a common good, if the good was purchased after marriage, it is necessary to present the related documents, as appropriate.

Do you think it’s too complicated?

Of course, these are the primary documents required for any transaction. However, there may be special situations, extraordinary cases, and then other documents will be required.

If you need help, we look forward to seeing you for a free consultation. We are here to help you with useful information and support to successfully complete the real estate transaction.

Against the coronavirus pandemic and currency fluctuations, real estate is becoming a reliable financial instrument for preserving savings. An additional attractiveness to real estate investments is made by the president’s proposed tax on deposits over 1 million rubles.

 If the object is purchased for further investment (resale or lease), it is better to consider small lots – one-room apartments or studios. Such real estate must be liquid for future sale and optimal for generating rental income.

Suppose an apartment is purchased for further use. In that case, it is necessary to indicate the request – it is being bought for children, for a young family with the prospect of a future addition – and taking these introductory notes into account, start searching.

Saving strategy

If the buyer is interested in saving a large number of funds in the form of a solid real estate asset, it is best to buy an apartment in a finished new building or secondary market.

The house should be close to the metro, and the infrastructure is developed in the area.

You also need to study transport accessibility, general concept, and projects in the neighborhood. The advantages of buying an apartment in a new building include long preservation of value compared to secondary housing.

It is also worth paying attention to offers at a high readiness stage, which are sold under escrow accounts. The new scheme protects buyers from risks associated with postponement and project freezing.

Profitable strategy

In the case of a profitable strategy, experts advise considering projects at the start of sales or construction. The residential complex should also be as liquid as possible: it should be located next to the metro and have good infrastructure. 

If you buy an apartment for rent, then it is better to consider compact lots. According to NDV-Real Estate, apartments (9-12% per annum) and studios (8% per annum) bring the highest profitability. For comparison, deposits in banks are now offered on average at 5% per annum. The profitability of housing can be increased if you register an individual entrepreneur and switch to a simplified taxation system: income tax for individuals when renting an apartment is 13%, and for individual entrepreneurs – 6%.

Over 10% of owners who have received housing in Moscow under the renovation program use it for commercial purposes – renting out or selling.

Don’t lose your head because of the big discount.

Over the past year, the cost of apartments in the capital has been increasing. However, in the current conditions (the collapse of the ruble and the pandemic), the trend may change – and prices may begin to decline, at least due to discounts and promotions. You can track them on the Internet: many developers, under the conditions of the recommended self-isolation, transfer the main advertising campaigns there.

Whether to take a mortgage

Buying an apartment with a mortgage loan can now be profitable – until all banks have raised rates, and the likelihood of their increase in the future is quite high. A home loan should be considered if there is a possibility of using maternity capital or preferential programs.

According to experts, now real estate investments should be considered primarily by buyers with spare funds. The mortgage is beneficial to those buyers who plan to buy an apartment for personal residence.

Selling your apartment can be a good idea to provide you with the initial investment to purchase a new, much larger, and more comfortable property. The real estate market is particularly suitable for this type of investment.

But be careful, to ensure your new project’s success, you must sell your first property.

The square footage

The rule of the square area applies. It is about estimating your property based on the living area only. You should not take into account spaces occupied by radiators, stairs, windows, doors, etc. This gives an objective and precise point of view of the price of the property.

The work to be done

And of course, you also have to take into account the work to be done. The estimate of the latter tends to minimize the selling price of your property. You can request a quote to get a clear idea of ​​the discount you should offer at the sale price.

Rental value

The market value of your property can also depend on its rental value. Indeed, if the apartment can be rented out, it can be sold for more. 

For example, you should focus on the history of the building in question. Did the old tenants tend to stay? Does the neighborhood attract tenants? Etc.

Like the apartment’s selling price, the rental price varies depending on the size and characteristics of the building.

Market value

You cannot blindly fix the selling price of your property. You must also take into account the real estate bubble.

Visit other apartments of the same kind.

There is nothing like visiting other apartments of the same type to get a perfect estimate of your property. It must be a property in the same neighborhood, the same size, or even the same style and characteristic. Preferably, opt for an apartment that has already been sold. This will also allow you to have an estimate of the duration of the sale.

Use a broker

The real estate broker can also be a good alternative for a tailor-made estimate of your property’s value. This professional will tour the property to see all the details and thus allow you to know the apartment’s real market value, with all the work that remains to be planned and the market trend.

The professional broker will offer you a price range. It’s up to you to see the ideal price you want to display to sell quickly and simply. You should not minimize the negotiating room.

Moreover, even though the broker will take a commission to estimate your house, he intervenes only as an indication. That is to say that nothing obliges you to respect his advice.

Online comparison tools

On the web, you also have comparison tools that can be useful for estimating your property. These are usually platforms that cater to buyers, but can also help sellers. You just have to enter the characteristics of your property.

The world changes, customs change, people change. However, sometimes, dreams don’t change. Or, at least, some dreams do not change, and the new generations coin the same dreams as their parents and their grandparents. For example, having your own home. That is one of those dreams that does not age, that is transmitted from generation to generation, still.

Having your own home is not just another dream, a common one like acquiring a luxury vehicle, or spending a beach vacation or studying for a master’s degree. They are all important, it must be clarified, but that of the roof itself is special because it also starts from an unparalleled aspiration that is to provide well-being to the family, to the most important people in your life.

If you are going to buy a property using a mortgage, you need to know that your signature means that you have acquired some economic and legal commitments that you must fully comply with. For example, paying monthly installments on time. Also, keep in mind that a mortgage is a long-term commitment, so you have to be prepared for eventualities.

My advice is that, together with your wife and your family, make an analysis of the family finances and be aware of the commitment they are going to acquire, the responsibilities they assume, the sacrifices that they will surely have to make. You have to weigh what is most important for the well-being of the nucleus, and you will surely have to resign other less urgent investments.

The important thing is that the obsession of being an owner does not lead you to a compromising situation that causes you strong and prolonged headaches. This is a topic that you should consider very seriously, with a cool head, without passion. If your financial situation is not stable or secure in the medium or long term, perhaps acquiring a mortgage is not a good idea.

It is that my friend, there is a lot at stake: you can lose not only your money but also the property you bought. And the tranquility of your family, the harmony of the group, and even your health may be at risk. Believe me; I know very well what the consequences are of a bad decision or a hasty decision. And my task as a consultant is to make you see this reality.

If, on the other hand, you have the money to buy the home you want, that is, without a doubt, the best alternative. Because you become an owner right away because you don’t owe anyone, because you save money, however, this is another decision that cannot be taken lightly, impulsively, because, like any other, it also has its edges.

In any case, experience has shown me that buying cash is the best option because several weight benefits emerge from it. For example, you increase the family wealth, that you support the future of your family or that it has a good that you can dispose of in case the outlook turns negative. And, of course, you are the absolute owner of that property.

However, there is a reason why, despite having the necessary money, this may not be the right way, and you should consider a few more options that happen when the purchase of the property exhausts your cash flow. In today’s world, we know, the only sure thing is change and, therefore, we must be prepared for the swings, for the unforeseen.

Being short on cash is always a risky decision, one that is better not to make. That the desire to have your own home does not become the starting point for problems and headaches, it may be better to buy a small loan and keep cash flow, so if you have a problem, you have a chance to respond.

There are no ideal rules or perfect scripts: each case is unique, it is particular. If you are a real estate consultant, show your client the pros and cons of these options; If you are the client, have your advisor present the required information so that you can make the best decision. What you must prioritize is the well-being of your family that the golden dream does not become a nightmare.

Selling real estate is an art, especially the art of negotiating. But before selling your property, you will need to estimate its price. And certain characteristics can influence the sale price: upwards or downwards. Discover our selection of criteria that will give value to your home before selling it.

Renovate strategic pieces to sell

The condition of certain parts can be decisive for concluding a property sale. This is the case for technical parts such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Rooms whose renovation is often expensive and which can scare away buyers if they are no longer up to date even dilapidated.

These renovations will also allow you to enjoy housing in good condition as long as you live there, but also to take beautiful photos for your real estate ad. Because, we remind you, a real estate ad with beautiful photos is a must for buyers to come and visit your property.

Expand the living area

Another tip to increase the value of your home: enlarge it by fitting out the attic or creating a cozy suplex, for example.

The sale price is calculated on the price per m2, creating an additional room will enhance your property. Be careful, however, since the property tax based on the living area of ​​the property will also increase.

Install favorite equipment

Depending on the area where you live, the installation of favorite equipment may give a boost to your sale. For example, a swimming pool can add value to a home, depending on the area where you live.

Indeed, in real estate, if the location is the number 1 rule for a good purchase, the characteristics that can enhance a property also depend on the region where it is located. For example, a balcony or a terrace will add value to Parisian accommodation when it is not necessarily enough elsewhere. Wooded and well-maintained land could also have an impact on the price or at least create the real estate favorite, so precious for making a sale!

Bet on energy performance

Increase the value of your home before selling it by improving the energy label of your property. Energy consumption, and therefore the environmental impact of your property, can count in the estimation of the sale price. Indeed, an energy-intensive home will often sell for less than a home with a good label on its DPE.

The energy performance diagnosis can be improved thanks to energy renovation works (insulation of the attic, change of windows, installation of a renewable energy boiler).

The amount of energy renovation works varies, but state aid can help you improve the performance of your property.

Prepare your real estate diagnostics before the sale.

Remember to prepare your mandatory real estate diagnostics before the sale. And if the diagnostician finds anomalies, do not hesitate to make the few necessary repairs.

Becoming an owner is not within everyone’s reach. Going into a mortgage of several hundred thousand euros scares many people, and some others simply do not have the amount available. But to finally own a property at a lower cost, there is a possible solution: buy a ruin!

A house to renovate: a good deal?

Buying a ruin can make you smile at first glance, but we will explain and show you that it can be really beneficial. Indeed, opting for a home to restore is a perfect method to achieve a good deal. All real estate agencies will tell you: turnkey properties have prices that rarely drop, and often a buyer within a few months, but properties to restore are less in demand and often shunned by buyers. The price of ruins can show a discount of 15 over 55%.

Don’t Buy A Ruin With Your Eyes Closed

But be careful, no question of buying the first ruin that passes, your purchase must be fully considered! If you bet on the wrong house … you risk running into an endless financial pit. Take your time and accurately estimate the volume of work to be done. Do not hesitate to bring in multiple craftsmen from different trades in order to obtain quotes. Leave nothing to chance, plan everything, establish a real battle plan on which you will get the time needed to redo everything, and the total price. Look at the roof, check if the tiles are in good condition, if the frame is solid, if the wood is healthy, if the gutter is in place and does not need to be redone, etc. Insulation is also a loan thing to watch if you buy a house, watch it all, if the walls do not have a halo, if the floor is cold, check the interior as well as the exterior. Do not hesitate to invest in a hygrometer, which will cost you less than twenty euros in any DIY store, and measure the relative humidity of the air in all rooms. An electrical installation to redo, a floor to change, or sanitary out of use will cost you much less, even if the work to be done may seem excessive.

Do the work yourself?

It will not be enough to have goodwill, the soul of a handyman, and many friends. Some jobs require very specific skills, and you certainly don’t want to have dirty work. Good DIYers tend to minimize the work to be done and often realize along the way that … everything escapes them! So a bit of con advice there too: assess your capacity, and the available manpower, be realistic!

Another piece of advice: avoid the cheap labor of artisans working “black.” You will have no recourse if the work goes wrong, nor any insurance.

Before commenting on the errors, we are going to tell you two factors that affect the acquisition of a home, but do not limit it. The first factor is the economic one; in this sense, it is good to have a limit budget to access the market. But just because a house costs more does not mean that it is not affordable, we can exceed the price as long as we see that the property is worth it, it is a good investment, and we can get financing from another side.

Thinking Too Much About Things

There is nothing wrong with being cautious and stopping to think a little if the offer before us is good or if it is a scam. Sometimes it is an offer, and other times it may not be worth the purchase as the apartment/property may have some hidden and fat flaw or flaw. With this, we want to tell you that you should comb the market well and be patient, but it is not advisable to wait too long, sometimes we have an opportunity in front of us, and we do not take it out of fear or mistrust.

Not Being Realistic

Another common mistake many people make is taking on expenses that they cannot afford. With this, we want to tell you to set a budget figure and do not exceed it. Of course, leave a small margin in case an offer appears that you cannot reject. But what you have to be clear about is that you are going to be able to face the mortgage and finance the home. So you should make calculations of your income, expenses and the savings you have to know how far you can access.

Not Knowing How A Mortgage Works

 we understand that the economic aspect is the most important thing when purchasing a flat. If we don’t have money, we won’t be able to pay for it. And the same goes for the mortgage. Many people think that the expense of a mortgage works in one way or that the bank finances everything and then it turns out that many entities only finance up to 80% of the mortgage or even less.

Spend All The Money On The House

It is good that we save and spend time and money in the arrangement of our property. But we must bear in mind that we must leave some capital to furnish it, for expenses and contingencies, and that is that money is easily spent and more on the house. Our advice is to save a few per cent of the savings for contingencies. You never know what can happen.

Let You Influence And Not Comb The Market

This mistake is made by many people who think that it is never the best time to buy. That if the VAT goes up, that if the house is in the wrong place and a family member does not like it, that if the market has peaked, that if it is not a good time, all these are excuses that sometimes we put ourselves and that is that thinking like this we will never buy an apartment.

Let Yourself Be Carried Away By The First Impression

Whether we are sellers or buyers, the first thing to avoid is to be impatient. By this, we mean that it is okay to be cautious but not overdoing it. This is valid both for viewing flats and deciding to visit them and for carrying out the purchase process. It is good to know houses and visit them, but do not get carried away by the first impression. By the way, this is the same to make an offer, do not think that because you like a seller, you are going to make a discount. If we want to buy, we must remain cold and not let ourselves be carried away by feelings or by the first impression. Calm is our best ally.