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What documents do you need to sell a property?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients who need to help them sell an apartment or a house. The process is not complicated, if you put in the file all the necessary documents. Notary fees are paid by the buyer and is calculated based on the value […]

Seven tips for those who want to save money in real estate now.

Against the coronavirus pandemic and currency fluctuations, real estate is becoming a reliable financial instrument for preserving savings. An additional attractiveness to real estate investments is made by the president’s proposed tax on deposits over 1 million rubles.  If the object is purchased for further investment (resale or lease), it is better to consider small […]

How To Estimate The Selling Price Of Your Apartment?

Selling your apartment can be a good idea to provide you with the initial investment to purchase a new, much larger, and more comfortable property. The real estate market is particularly suitable for this type of investment. But be careful, to ensure your new project’s success, you must sell your first property. The square footage […]

Take a mortgage or buy cash: what do you need to know?

The world changes, customs change, people change. However, sometimes, dreams don’t change. Or, at least, some dreams do not change, and the new generations coin the same dreams as their parents and their grandparents. For example, having your own home. That is one of those dreams that does not age, that is transmitted from generation […]

Solutions to increase the value of your property

Selling real estate is an art, especially the art of negotiating. But before selling your property, you will need to estimate its price. And certain characteristics can influence the sale price: upwards or downwards. Discover our selection of criteria that will give value to your home before selling it. Renovate strategic pieces to sell The […]

Buying A Ruin To Renovate It, A Good Investment?

Becoming an owner is not within everyone’s reach. Going into a mortgage of several hundred thousand euros scares many people, and some others simply do not have the amount available. But to finally own a property at a lower cost, there is a possible solution: buy a ruin! A house to renovate: a good deal? […]