Selling real estate is an art, especially the art of negotiating. But before selling your property, you will need to estimate its price. And certain characteristics can influence the sale price: upwards or downwards. Discover our selection of criteria that will give value to your home before selling it.

Renovate strategic pieces to sell

The condition of certain parts can be decisive for concluding a property sale. This is the case for technical parts such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Rooms whose renovation is often expensive and which can scare away buyers if they are no longer up to date even dilapidated.

These renovations will also allow you to enjoy housing in good condition as long as you live there, but also to take beautiful photos for your real estate ad. Because, we remind you, a real estate ad with beautiful photos is a must for buyers to come and visit your property.

Expand the living area

Another tip to increase the value of your home: enlarge it by fitting out the attic or creating a cozy suplex, for example.

The sale price is calculated on the price per m2, creating an additional room will enhance your property. Be careful, however, since the property tax based on the living area of ​​the property will also increase.

Install favorite equipment

Depending on the area where you live, the installation of favorite equipment may give a boost to your sale. For example, a swimming pool can add value to a home, depending on the area where you live.

Indeed, in real estate, if the location is the number 1 rule for a good purchase, the characteristics that can enhance a property also depend on the region where it is located. For example, a balcony or a terrace will add value to Parisian accommodation when it is not necessarily enough elsewhere. Wooded and well-maintained land could also have an impact on the price or at least create the real estate favorite, so precious for making a sale!

Bet on energy performance

Increase the value of your home before selling it by improving the energy label of your property. Energy consumption, and therefore the environmental impact of your property, can count in the estimation of the sale price. Indeed, an energy-intensive home will often sell for less than a home with a good label on its DPE.

The energy performance diagnosis can be improved thanks to energy renovation works (insulation of the attic, change of windows, installation of a renewable energy boiler).

The amount of energy renovation works varies, but state aid can help you improve the performance of your property.

Prepare your real estate diagnostics before the sale.

Remember to prepare your mandatory real estate diagnostics before the sale. And if the diagnostician finds anomalies, do not hesitate to make the few necessary repairs.